About Oregon Blue Print Company

Hard work, dedication and knowledge are all necessary to make any business a success. Now give that business the most advanced digital imaging machinery in the world, and you have Oregon Blue Print. With over 60 years of serving the Portland area and beyond, OBP has made a name for itself by being on the cutting edge of new technologies and operating level of experience that has never been equaled.

A family business since humble beginnings in the 1940s, Walt and Min Underwood worked long and hard hours to grow a printing business that was successful enough to hand down to their children. In the 60’s when the first Xerox machines were being introduced, Walter and Doris were quick to evolve. OBP has always worked hard to become the first in town to acquire the new equipment. And when the 80’s brought the digital age to reprographics, OBP was right there. Being one the first to do full-color digital printing anywhere! We have continued that tradition just like the tradition of our family business. With the ever changing technologies, brothers Scott and Chris, have spent the past decade purchasing the latest and greatest in digital printing.

From the first blueprints and photographic films developed in Grandma and Grandpa’s basement, to the full color 10’ direct to substrate and 16’ wide banner printers along with cutting and finishing services at our Hawthorne location, OBP has the history and experience to fulfill any digital printing project you could imagine.

So imagine away and give us a call at OBP. We will always be here to serve you.

—Scott and Chris Underwood