Pressure-Sensitive Vinyl

Econo Highstack PSV

4mil film with grey permanent adhesive. A low cost PSV. Permanent adhesive makes it difficult to come off. Good for signage when removal is not necessary.

Low Tac PSV

4mil films in Clear and White. This PSV film comes with an almost post it note like adhesive. Great for window graphics or applications where a highly removable adhesive is needed.

Premium PSV

2mil high end film from 3M. This material is the most widely used film we use. It is a 3-5 year film used in Vehicle Wraps and graphics as well as many other uses that need a long term application yet be removable.

Clear PSV & Translucent PSV

4mil permanent adhesive. These materials are not easily removable. Typically used in the sign industry. Can be used for backlight graphics with a double strike of color.

Window Perf PSV

4mil film with small holes. Used for window graphics. Engineered so that the image is visible from one side and the window looks tinted from the other.

Textured Wall PSV

2mil film used on textured walls.

Floor PSV & Sidewalk PSV

4mil films used for graphic needs that go on the ground. Each has a non-slip laminate so they can be walked on.

Reflective PSV

6mil film with reflective capabilities. When you have a graphic that you want to be noticed at night this is what you use.

Maltese Decopage PSV

A textured film that has multiple uses. Great for display, wall, window and short term floor graphics.

Optically Clear PSV

A great film for window graphics. Optically clear so you barely can tell it is even on the window. We can even create window perf look for sub surface.

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